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How to Sort

Click on the three dots on any column to change the sorting order. In case you’re confused as to what each option does, here’s a quick rundown:
Sort by ASC (Ascending): sorts by A-Z
Sort by DESC (Descending): sorts by Z-A, opposite of A-Z
Filter: works similar to a search bar. Type what you’re looking for in the value box. If you would only like results that match your search exactly, select “equals”. Otherwise, use “contains”. Can be used to search for certain schools, schools that release on a certain date, or schools with a certain type of deadline (ED, RD, etc).
Hide: hides the selected column. To bring it back, click on any column, then “show columns”. Then, you’ll be able to toggle the visibility of every column on and off.
Show columns: shows a menu that allows you to toggle the visibility of any column. To save the google calendar version of the decision dates calendar, click the plus sign in the bottom right corner of the google calendar. Then, the calendar will be added to your google account.

Please note, green colored cells are confirmed dates.

Decisions today and tomorrow

Nothing today or tomorrow!

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2020-2021 Dates


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