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New York City, NY; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Shanghai, China
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September 21, 2023

9/21/2023 - @Anthony

NYU, although legally a semester school, offers students the ability to take courses during a one-month period—their “January Term””—which I consider to be a 4-1-4 plan. https://www.nyu.edu/students/student-information-and-resources/registration-records-and-graduation/academic-calendar.html?semester=January Term 2024

9/20/2023 - @Anthony

NYU hosts the actual spreadsheet file (.xlsx) variant of its 2022-2023 CDS on its website. I’ve uploaded a more easily accessible version on Google Drive. https://www.nyu.edu/employees/resources-and-services/administrative-services/institutional-research/factbook.html

9/20/2023 - @Anthony

NYU’s first-time freshman acceptance rate is not a complete reflection of the institution’s selectivity: some students are admitted instead to NYU branch campuses in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Shanghai, China, while others are required to postpone their enrollment until the spring semester. The Boston Magazine article “How to Game the College Rankings” by Max Kutner posits that similar efforts by Northeastern University were geared at increasing the overall testing averages on rankings lists:

“In 2007 the school introduced N.U.in, a program that invites students with lower grades and SAT scores to spend their first semester abroad and begin their on-campus experience in the spring. U.S. News does not collect data for spring entrants, so those students’ lower grades and scores are excluded from the rankings. Editor Brian Kelly explains that U.S. News doesn’t require spring data because the federal government doesn’t either, but he concedes, ‘It’s possible that is a gaming window.’”

Statistics in this page are generally reflective of NYU’s New York school.

9/20/2023 - @Anthony

US News’s rankings page on NYU neglects to mention any campus size; this is primarily because, well, the University arguably has no contiguous campus in Manhattan or Brooklyn. According to Wikipedia, which itself cites an archived post from the Orlando Sentinel, “most of the [school’s] buildings are in a roughly 230-acre area.” I am unsure if this 230-acre figure includes only NYU buildings or if it includes parts of New York’s urban fabric like Washington Square Park, or even what “most … buildings” entails percentage-wise. My own crude drawings around what I would think NYU’s West Village location is gives a rough area of 130 acres (bound by MacDougal St., Houston St., Bowery/3rd Ave, and 8th St.)

Personally, as somebody who grew up in New York’s tri-state area, I would argue that NYU does not have a physical campus similar to Columbia’s or Brooklyn College, but has more of a campus feel than Pace. In the words of the university themselves, “The City Is Your Campus, For Real”.

Archived Sentinel: archive.org

Crude Village Campus Bounds: ~130 acres (@Anthony, 2023)


Crude Downtown Brooklyn Campus Bounds: ~13.3 acres